FORYOUTH is a charity that aims to support youth education through various projects, each bettering a different aspect of youth education.

ForYouth's Projects:

Through donating books to schools, institutions, and communities in need books for their youth, we hope to spread the brilliant ideas of leaders and the world’s greatest writers. The project’s aim is to decrease literacy gaps among youth by inspiring reading as an act of love.

The aim of these talks is to open a wider view for the students, in all aspects, whether it be specific subject matters, useful tips, global citizenship, values etc. The talk is focused on giving students an opportunity to listen to amazing individuals with good ideas/experiences/perspectives to share. It is a means for students to be able to use this opportunity as an inspiration for their self-growth.

SOAM was formed with the aim to educate youth in a musical aspect. Music is an art that can convey feelings and emotions that words often can not. It can lessen stress or create joy and brings people together. It is an incredibly useful skill to have, whether it creates opportunities, or is simply for your own enjoyment.

Language is an essential skill that everyone uses to not only communicate with one another, but is also a symbol of culture. Learning languages is proven to improve memory, problem solving, critical thinking, and countless other benefits. Many languages are becoming less and less spoken and are in danger of going extinct, or becoming a "dead language". The aim of this ongoing project is to preserve language by encouraging youth in schools to learn languages in a fun and innovative way.